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Racurs Company Annual Review 2013

Last year was an anniversary for Racurs — we celebrated the company’s first 20 years! Twenty years is quite a long time for both the Russian and world geoinformation markets. What did the year 2013 bring us? Reviewing it allows us to see our two decades of work.

It is satisfying to note that the PHOTOMOD user community continues to grow. Commercial and non-profit organizations from 12 countries joined in 2013. Today there are more than 340 Russian users, and the number of network and local licenses nearly crossed the thousand boundary. PHOTOMOD is used by more than 310 foreign users. In 2013 Racurs concluded a distributor agreement with the Slovak company PHOTOMAP and Kazakhstan company Ram Trade.

We managed to create large premise for the current year. Equipping the state cartographic-geodesic companies of GEOCUBA (Cuba) with PHOTOMOD will continue this year. Plans for cartography development and remote sensing data processing will be implemented within the Mongolian Centre of new technologies “SONO.”

In 2013 the development of the PHOTOMOD module StereoMeasure, created for forestry, was completed, and testing was carried out. This year it will enter the market; it is already successfully used in the system of enterprises FSUE “Roslesinforg.”

We would especially like to mention that the presence of Russian photogrammetry technologies was significantly expanded when PHOTOMOD was translated into Chinese. With Russian, English, and Spanish localization PHOTOMOD is now available for 3.5 billion people. In the very near future the system is supposed to be translated into Greek and Italian.

It is worth mentioning that in 2013 we carried out number of huge projects for satellite imageries supplying and processing a total area of 500 000 sq. km.

Software PHOTOMOD Conveyor
Another important event occurred in 2013: We presented the software PHOTOMOD Conveyor, which was developed together with the CTT Group Company. The new complex is developed to ensure the super productive processing of remote sensing data. It consists of a hardware component — a computational multiple-processor cluster with high speed data storage systems and the current software PHOTOMOD Conveyor S. The productivity was appreciably increased through the use of multithreading technology and automatic functions realization that enables on-line processing of a huge amount of remote sensing data, specific to the current level of remote sensing system development.

Cooperation with Universities
In the past year we continued successful cooperation with Russian and foreign universities. Now PHOTOMOD is used in one of the largest universities in China — EAST CHINA NORMAL UNIVERSITY, Freiburg University (Switzerland), and the University of Illinois (USA). Training courses were held for teachers of several Turkish universities. Pacific National University, Kuzbass State Technical University, University of Mines, and other educational institutions were added to the list of Russian universities using PHOTOMOD.

Participation in Exhibitions and Conferences
If 2012 could rightfully be called the year of space technologies development, 2013 was marked with UAV and 3D rapid development. This was clearly seen at many international and all-Russian exhibitions. Racurs participated in all of the most significant Russian geoinformatics market events last year: “Earth from Space — the Most Effective Solutions,” “Geodesy, Mine Survey and Aerial Topography,” the Cadastre conference of the GIS-Association, “Geoform+ 2013,” and “GEO-Siberia 2013.” Achievements of the Company were demonstrated at the following exhibitions abroad: INTERGEO 2013 (Germany), Geomatics-2013 (Cuba), and GEO-GIS Mongolia 2013 (Mongolia).

The second International Contest of projects carried out with PHOTOMOD Lite was conducted in 2013. Six participants from three countries submitted their projects in two categories: “Users’ test projects” and “PHOTOMOD Lite in education.”

Together with colleagues from “Technology 2000” we successfully carried out the second regional seminar: “Current digital photogrammetry technologies: PHOTOMOD.” The tradition of regional seminars will be continued this year; we are glad to invite you to Almaty (Kazakhstan) in March and to Yekaterinburg (Russia) in May. Watch for the announcements!

One of the most important events in 2013 was the 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference, “From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies.” It took place in France. 120 representatives of industrial enterprises and universities in 20 countries participated in the conference. During the conference, along with the usual plenary sessions, workshops, and business meetings, two round tables devoted to the trends of cartography and geoinformation and a great outdoor master-class organized by the SCANEX Company were held. “French lessons,” acquainting participants with French culture, were also very interesting and memorable.

Thank You for Your Cooperation
In summing up the past year for our company, we can say that it was quite successful and memorable due to the number of important events and achievements. We thank all of our partners, clients, and users for their cooperation in 2013, and we are looking forward to the continued successful development of our business and friendship!

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