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New versions 5.3 of DPW PHOTOMOD and PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic have been released

The 5.3 version primary advantage is an apparent increasing of the data processing volume through the transition of distributed processes operations to a 64-bit platform and speedup of UAS triangulation due to the distributed computing.

This new version allows processing of up to 2000 satellite images in a project, supports KOMPSAT-3 and Resource-P imagery and identificates BKA imagery while loading images.

The vector editor is supplemented by the useful tools for stereo interpretation and forest resourse management (semiautomatic calculation of forest canopy, new mode of topological connectivity for vertices, etc).

See here for other improvements.

Download new versions by the link.

Dear users, since transitioning distributed processes operations to new platform updating PHOTOMOD version from 5.x to 5.3 should be performed in accordance with new procedure. Download first installation memo.

Upgraded PHOTOMOD 5.3 documentation set.

Control your PHOTOMOD license structure of modules and period of technical support validity with the Personal account service.

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