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PHOTOMOD 6.0 — new possibilities, increase of RSD data processing volume and rate

PHOTOMOD 6.0 is developed on the base of the new platform which allows speedier data processing, implements unique algorithms and includes user requested features. The updated system is not only the full changeover to a 64-bit system but also the base for the future development.

By the full use of available computational power of modern PC, PHOTOMOD 6.0 differs in the significantly speed up of calculating operations, and the number of the loading 3D-points now depends only on RAM.

The new version of PHOTOMOD 6.0 comes with the new module for dense DSM. The algorithm of this module is based on the idea, that orthophotos calculated from different images must be the same if the correct DSM is used for orthophoto generation. We call this algorithm iterative deformation method (IDM). When deforming the surface we use special functions to fit building walls and high constructions. Some elements of image recognition theory are also used.

The PHOTOMOD software family has been grown by new tool — PHOTOMOD UAS. PHOTOMOD UAS — stand-alone full photogrammetric UAS-oriented software allows the user to process UAS data and acquire all types of value added photogrammetric products: DEM, 2D and 3D-vectors, orthomosaics. Functionality, high performance, simplified user-friendly interface and automation of photogrammetric operations are key benefits of PHOTOMOD UAS.

Upgrade to 6.0 version will be available on the usual terms: free of charge if technical support is valid.


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