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The Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Calabria in Cosenza (Italy) chose DPW PHOTOMOD of Racurs, for the studies and scientific research.

This decision has come from the fact that PHOTOMOD of Racurs, responds extremely well to the needs of our Department and for geologists, for completeness, ease of use and above all for the computing power”, so said Professor Rocco Dominici, head of a scientific for master's degree in geology.

In this master's degree was used PHOTOMOD for research activities conducted by 20 researchers. Research has been presented this year at several national scientific meetings, as the National Conference of Young Geologists, at National Conference of ASITA and soon at Gisday of ESRI.

The cycle of lectures on photogrammetry, held by Ing. Filippo Campolo, as technical director of Eurobit, dealer for the Italian market of the Racurs products, in four weeks of training course of PHOTOMOD.

Subsequently, researchers applied the knowledge acquired in real cases, producing rapidly solution at interesting project named: “SIGIEC”.

SIGIEC project is a study funded by the Italian Ministry of Education as part of the Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013 for FERS co-financing for convergence regions, including Calabria and Puglia.

The SIGIEC project, will study the causes and effects of beach erosion in sample areas of the regions of Calabria and Puglia, testing measures for its containment and developing valuation models that allow them to take decisions in cases of non-intervention or between alternative modes of a possible intervention .

The issue that will be addressed with this project concerns the phenomenon of coastal erosion.

The coastal erosion affecting production activities tourist, on the welfare of citizens and tourists, on the environmental balance and the integrity of the landscape. The coast and erosion, become the indicator of the level of sustainability of the development of this, as a result of the development of the past and provide precise information on what will be the development of the future.

The “beautiful Italian beaches” are considered a key tourist attraction and practically irreplaceable for summer tourism, the protection of the beaches is therefore imperative to protect, provide for and enhance an area already very accident on the Italian GDP and beyond.

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