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The year under an Export Flag

Racurs’ geoinformation products have long become popular abroad. Distribution of our products in the world is steadily growing year by year and the number of users is constantly increasing.

The last year has become notable as Racurs not only participated in international events, but also actively organized its own events in the interests of Russian and foreign companies.

Latin America

The presentation “Russian Remote Sensing Technologies: Data Receiving Complex, Photogrammetric Processing, Cartographic Products” took place in Moscow in 2015. The event was carried out in close co-operation with the National Committee on Assisting Economic Cooperation with Countries of Latin America (CN CEPLA) and put together diplomatic missions, trade and military agencies from 14 countries. To meet the interests of the above institutions six Russian organizations presented geoinformation products of home-grown technologies.


Already the 15th, annual International Scientific and Technical Conference “From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies” was held in Mexico. The conference brought together 70 specialists, representing more than 36 companies from 14 countries. The results of the conference showed that the Russian specialists face the same difficulties as their foreign colleagues. The joint discussion on problem-solving techniques proved to be useful for all the participants.


The regional seminar “Modern Photogrammetric Technologies of Remote Sensing Data Processing. New Possibilities of PHOTOMOD 6.0” took place in Kazakhstan. 80 specialists from governmental and proprietary organizations took part in the seminar. The active participants of the event were also the lecturers of the country’s leading educational institutions.


At the end of the year in co-operation with the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology the Russian-Vietnam seminar “Russian Technology of Remote Sensing Data Receiving and Processing” was carried out. Vietnam is actively developing national remote sensing initiatives and has strong historical relationship with numerous Russian organizations. Taking into account its actively developing economy, Vietnam is highly interested in implementation of effective remote sensing data receiving and processing technology. Russian achievements in RSD were demonstrated by the Russian Federal Space Agency, JSC “RI PI”, Racurs, Panorama and Innovative Center.

Exhibitions and Congresses

Besides the above events, our company successfully participated in the largest trade fair Intergeo in Germany, Geodesy Congress VII in Cuba, the third International conference “Space Days in Kazakhstan – 2015”. Active trips around the world couldn’t but affect the growth of number of foreign PHOTOMOD users. In 2015 the user community welcomed 15 private and governmental companies from 6 countries.

The Results of the Year

In 2015 the main efforts of Racurs’ production department were aimed at ensuring the stable and highly efficient work of PHOTOMOD and also support of the data format of the new remote sensing satellites. Data processing of GaoFen-2, Cartosat-2, Deimos-1 and 2, KazEOSat-1 (product of level 2A) using RPC-coefficients as well as VNREDSat-1A and VNREDSat-1A (by rigorous model) will be supported in PHOTOMOD release being at the moment under preparation.

Last year PHOTOMOD presented a new version translated into Greek. The network of PHOTOMOD distributors has considerably expanded, as we have got a new dealer in Korea — SI Imaging Services Company. It is known as a supplier of South Korean data KOMPSAT.

Racurs’ successful work at the Russian market was honored by the award in the nomination “Best Native Software” held in the frame of International exhibition “Interexpo GEO-Siberia 2015”. Our company is proud of recognition of its products and will continue to develop them, focusing on the highest quality standards.

Summing up the year 2015 we can definitely say that it was very interesting and eventful. We sincerely thank all our partners, users and customers for the fruitful co-operation and are looking forward to the development of our business and friendly relations!

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