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XXIII Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing set the vector of development of the industry for the next 4 years

Racurs company participated in the XXIII Congress of International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing which was held in Prague from 11 to 19 of July 2016.

ISPRS Congress is the most high-profile event at the international market of photogrammetry and remote sensing, which, like the Olympic Games is held every 4 years in different countries. Scientific conference, exhibition and number of other interesting events took place in the frame of the Congress. More than 2000 specialists participated in ISPRS Congress. The biggest delegation was from China – around 400 participants.

Official scientific program was held from 11 to 19 of July. During this period 3 plenary sessions and many break-out sessions that were held in parallel (up to 8 at a time) took place. Besides, in the afternoon, one hour was devoted to stand reports.

Among the reports presented at plenary sessions the following presentations were memorable:

Alberto Moreiro (German Aerospace Center) spoke about perspective project Tandem-L, assuming launch of two radar satellites, based on technology of digital beam forming, that allows to increase survey productivity. Mladen Stojic (Hexagon Geospatial, Sweden) presented his vision of the future of cartography and GIS, in which all users will receive updated 3D GIS information to their mobile devices from cloud cervices.

Very interesting reports about current trends in the development of cartography and use of remote sensing data for the creation of national maps were presented at national forums of cartographic and space agencies. Problems, requiring solutions from cartographic departments were discussed extensively. Among them are transition to a three-dimensional representation of spatial information and growth of the number of data sources. Representatives of American, British, Swiss and some other national agencies presented the ways of contemporary challenges decisions. Unfortunately, Russian agencies didn’t take part in these very interesting forums.

There were a lot of reports devoted to UAV, but at this Congress it wasn’t discussed how to process data received from UAV and purely application tasks were considered.

In photogrammetry field it became a standard to use SfM (Structure from Motion) algorithms for measurement and rejection of tie points and SGM (SemiGlobalMatching) for creation of surface models, including oblique survey. Various improvements of these approaches were suggested.

Number of break-out sessions focused on the use of cloud and internet technologies in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing. Sections on the global relief models, LIDARs, ground survey, measurements in biometrics and many other issues took place.

Traditionally many reports were dedicated to 3D modeling. Apart from various methods of 3D-models construction, questions of their use to solve tasks of planning and development of urban management, cadastral registration of objects with account of the third coordinate were considered in a number of presentations.

In general, it is worth noting that in comparison with the previous congresses speakers became younger and there were a lot of reports made by Chinese participants.

45 companies-exhibitors presented the latest developments in the field of obtaining, processing and using of spatial data, took part in Congress’ exhibition. Almost all the world’s leading producers of photogrammetric solutions demonstrated their technologies. Racurs company presented Russian achievements, unfortunately, by itself. The exhibition was held for 6 days, each of which was richer than previous. Among the visitors of exhibition traditionally were many representatives of China, India and Middle East.

Special committee I2AC (International Industrial Advisory Committee) was created in order to develop close collaboration between ISPRS and global geospatial industry. Inaugural session of the Committee was held during the Congress. ISPRS chose 20 managers of the world’s leading companies working in the field of geospatial information (Trimble, Blom, DigitalGlobe, Google, Leica, ESRI, Airbus and others) as Committee members. Appreciating longstanding work in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing, Mr. Victor Adrov – managing director of Racurs company, was offered to go into the Committee. Our company is pleased to present Russian technologies in such significant Committee.

For Racurs, participating in ISPRS activities as a Sustaining Member from 1997 this Congress was the forth. The event, as always, was held at the high organizational level and set the vector of development of the industry for the next 4 years.


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