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Racurs strengthens position of Russian geoinformation solutions in Ecuador

Alexey Smirnov, specialist of Racurs Company, conducted training on photogrammetric processing of remote sensing data in PHOTOMOD at the invitation of Ecuadorian dealer Geokoncept. Training was held in photogrammetric laboratory of the Polytechnic University (ESPE).

Lecturers of the university, students and specialists of Geokoncept successfully completed the training. The meeting with the Principal of Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas – ESPE took place. The most topical questions facing Ecuador are: topographic mapping of the territory, monitoring of natural hazards and cadastral registration.

UAV data and imagies of Ecuador capital – Quito, received by the Russian satellite Resurs-P were used as a practical data. Research center of Earth Operative Monitoring (Ntz OMZ) JSC “RSS” provided data under the program for the joint promotion of Russian remote sensing data and PHOTOMOD software.

Specialists of Geokoncept, ESPE and IGM highly appreciated the level of Racurs’ technologies. Successfully conducted training consolidated the position of Russian geoinformation solutions in Ecuador and aroused interest in Russian remote sensing data.

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