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Specialists of South Korean companies completed PHOTOMOD training

Representatives of KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute), SI Imaging Services and Gros Co. the leading companies in remote sensing, have successfully completed PHOTOMOD training.

Staff of Racurs’ technical support department prepared training course focused on the KOMPSAT 3 and 3A data processing. In addition to practical tasks, leading developers of Racurs, Petr Titarov and Anatoly Zubarev introduced theoretical aspects of the image processing algorithms used in PHOTOMOD.

Intense interest of course participants was caused by highly-accuracy results of automatic digital terrain model generation and semi-automatic stereovectorization proceeded using KOMPSAT stereo pairs.

It is necessary to mention strong background of Korean specialists. They are well acquainted with functionality and algorithms of well-known photogrammetric systems. Our foreign colleagues shared their experience in implementing projects in various systems and noted strengths of PHOTOMOD in quality control at all stages of data processing, creation and editing of DTM and ortophotomaps, creation of vector and raster 3D-models.

The training is expand and deepen the agreement on mutually beneficial promotion of Korean remote sensing data and Russian photogrammetric software between South Korean company SI Imaging Services and Racurs.

For more information on purchasing software and remote sensing data, please, email to: sales@si-imaging.com or com@racurs.ru.

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