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Racurs concluded a distributor agreement with the Space Rocket Centre Progress. According to this agreement Racurs becomes authorized distributor of Aist-2D satellite data.

Space Rocket Centre Progress (formed TsSKB-Progress) is the leading Russian enterprise and one of the leaders of space industry in development, manufacturing and operation of the middle-class launch vehicles. ] Since 1964 Progress has been the leading domestic developer of the Earth remote sensing hardware in the interests of national security and economy. Over 40 years the satellites of TsSKB-Progress design have been performing global monitoring of the Earth surface. 27 types of satellites have already underwent testing under conditions of space.

Russian satellite AIST-2D was launched on April 28, 2016 at 02:01 UT on a Soyuz 2-1A launch vehicle from the new Vostochny Cosmodrome located in the Amur Oblast. The satellite was placed into a 471 km orbit with a 97.3° inclination. AIST-2D weighs 500 kg and is a technology demonstration and scientific research satellite developed at Samara Aerospace University.

Based on its name, the Aist-2D (198KS) satellite continues a series of experimental satellites developed under tutelage of RKTs Progress based in the Russian city of Samara. However, its size, complexity and technical significance goes far beyond of that provided by its two predecessors and, in many respects, represent a new step in the development of the Russian remote-sensing satellite systems.

Aist-2D specifications:

    panchromatic imaging
  • ground resolution (nadir, h=490 km): 1.48 m.
  • spectral range: 0,58 – 0,80 mkm.
  • dynamiс range: 10 bit.
    Multi-spectral imaging:
  • round resolution (nadir, h=490 km): 4.44 m.
  • spectral ranges:
    0.45 – 0.52 mkm;
    0.52 – 0.6 mkm;
    0.63 – 0.69 mkm.
  • dynamiс range: 10 bit.

Geoproducts based on Aist-2D images are included:

  • 5 levels of data processing
  • panchromatic, multi-spectral, pansharpening modes
  • standard and priority order
  • archive and new acquisition

Experiment and technologic small spacecraft ‘Aist-2D’: first results of on-orbit operation

For more information, please, contact Remote Sensing Group: dzz@racurs.ru, tel.: +7 (495) 720-51-27.

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