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VR Concept Company presented the functionality of working with vector 3D models of urban development in virtual reality

The ability to combine 3D BIM models of individual buildings and constructions with 3D GIS information allows planning and modeling the development of the city, holding discussions within the virtual model of the city and completely refusing the outdated approach of creation of paper-mache models to the side of information models

Pilot VR project of information model of Yekaterinburg central part was presented at VR Concept booth during the exhibition Innoprom 2018. The model was based on vector 3D model, created by Racurs on the basis of stereo-photogrammetric processing of satellite data and BIM models of future buildings.

Wearing helmets of virtual reality, specialists moved around virtual Yekaterinburg and discussed with colleagues, connected remotely from another city, arrangement of new buildings from existing BIM projects in current GIS model of the city, measured, changed and moved objects etc.

Virtual information model of the city or CIM (CITY INFORMATION MODELLING) – is a new concept that appeared just at the end of 2000s. CIM genetically has grown from BIM, whose ideology has been counting its history since late 80s – early 90s of the last century. BIM as a method of complex information representation of a building (architecture, constructions, engineer infrastructure, etc.), was quite sufficient for one or maximum group of buildings. But to describe the model of the city this is not enough. Geology, construction, transport network, demography, ecology, etc. require other principles of modeling and visual presentation.

“VR – is engineering model of block or even whole city allows decision-makers to see visually variants of city developing and make informed decisions. Virtual prototype or model of the city comes to replace all known papier-mache or plastic models. Such a digital model or double can be built only by professionals, deeply versed in modern and digital GIS and BIM technologies. We see great opportunities of using our software to create VR CIM models of the cities” – says Ilya Viger, VR Concept Managing director.

“We are pleased that there are solutions that allow to display and analyze 3D information, received from BIM and GIS. For us it means appearance of new market for technologies of photogrammetric proceeding of remote sensing data. The models of urban development, obtained by means of stereo-vectorization, are characterized by high geometric accuracy and operability, which makes them in demand for solving problems of city management” – noticed Andrey Pirogov, Head of marketing group, Racurs.

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