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The new mobile version of PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator is available

The new PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator version for Android is GOST 32453-2017 compliant; in particular, it supports GSK-2011 and PZ-90.11. Besides that, Google Map display modes Normal, Satellite and Hybrid have been implemented.

The application was instaled more than 1100 times by users from 50 countries.

PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator performs coordinate transformations according to Russian State Standard GOST R 51794-2001 and Interstate Standards GOST 32453-2013 (GOST R 51794-2008) and GOST 32453-2017. It implements transformations between Cartesian geocentric and geodetic (latitude, longitude, height above the ellipsoid) reference frames based upon geodetic datums WGS 84, Pulkovo 42, Pulkovo 95, GSK-2011, PZ-90, PZ-90.02, PZ-90.11 and ITRF-2008, as well as projected coordinate systems SK-42, SK-95 and GSK-2011 (based on Gauss-Kruger map projection). In addition some transformations not covered by the standards are supported, namely ones involving WGS 84/UTM reference system and EGM96 geoid model. Coordinates to be transformed can be typed-in manually, measured in Google Maps or set to the current device location.

PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator is available at Play Market.

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