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GEO-Siberia - 2006

Racurs took part in the 2nd International Exhibition on Geodesy, Cartography, Geology, Geoinformation Systems, Environment Analysis and Instrument Engineering GEO-Siberia. It was held on April 26—28, 2006 in Novosibirsk (Russia).

The exhibition mainly aimed at showing technical, scientific and practical provision of Western Siberia with geoinformatic products, understanding the needs of the region, and providing with information about leading technologies, ideas, instruments and devices as well as with the latest developments in geographic industry.

The exhibition organizers were: Exhibition Organizer "The Siberian Fair" and Siberian State Geodesy Academy.

For the first time Racurs company has been awarded the Big GOLD MEDAL of the Siberian Fair. The prize was presented in recognition of achievements in developing and distribution of the photogrammetric technologies for images processing and leadership in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing. This award is presented annually to the companies which have demonstrated excellence in all operations within their respective industry. The prize was awarded by a jury consisting of directors, scientists and specialists from government, leading photogrammetric, geodetic and GIS enterprises and institutes.

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