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Area of Application

Modules and Process Workflow

Detailed Specifications

Possible Workflows


Images of central projection


Satellite scanner image blocks


Block of ADS40/80/100 Images

Source Image Types and Formats

Supported Coordinate Systems

Input Data

Output Products and Data Exchange Formats

Modules Functionality

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Hardware Requirements

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Possible Workflows

PHOTOMOD is a system designed to provide full photogrammetric processing of aerial and spaceborne images. The most typical tasks in the photogrammetric processing of remote sensing data:

  • Creation of digital terrain models (DTMs) and contour lines
  • Digital 2D and 3D mapping
  • Orthorectification and mosaicking

Processing workflows for different types of input data and output products are variations of the general workflow.

Depending on source imagery PHOTOMOD projects are subdivided into the following types, each having a number of specific features:

Several projects of the same type are also capable of being merged to work with large blocks of images.


Stage Operation PHOTOMOD module Project type
Central projection Scanner imagery
Block Single image Monoblock Stereoblock ADS40 block
Data preparation

Image correction using non-photogrammetric scanners

ScanCorrect ++---

Image conversion and radiometric correction

Raster Converter +++++
Aerial triangulation measurements*

Interior orientation
(digital / analog cameras)

Core / AT ++---

Ground control points measurements

AT +++++

Relative orientation

AT +-+++
Block adjustment*

Exterior orientation

SolverA (Aero) -+---

Block adjustment

SolverA (Aero) +----

Block adjustment

SolverS (Scanner) --+++
Project processing

Building DTM (DEM, TIN) and contour lines

DTM +--++

Orthomosaic creation

Mosaic +++++

3D vectorization in stereomode Attaching vector objects to classifier

StereoDraw, StereoVectOr +--++

Monovectorization, creating digital maps

GIS Panorama 2011 Mini +++++

*PHOTOMOD Core contains tools for importing exterior orientation parameters and triangulation points

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