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Area of Application

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Possible Workflows

Source Image Types and Formats

Supported Coordinate Systems

Input Data


UAS data processing

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Input Data

Source data required for PHOTOMOD project creation:

Camera passport (central projection imagery)
Highly accurate knowledge of the interior orientation parameters of camera is extremely important in photogrammetric processing. The principal point position, the focal length and distortion coefficients for either digital or analog cameras must be known. The principal point position for analog cameras is usually defined by XY coordinate offsets from the fiducial center. For digital cameras, those offsets are calculated from the physical center of the matrix.

Ground control points
Ground control point coordinates are usually stored in a catalog (text file), which can be imported to PHOTOMOD. XYZ, XY and Z ground control points are supported.

GPS/IMU data
When GPS/IMU on-board data is available, it can be imported, estimated for accuracy and used either for directly processing georeferencing or for creating precise block layout before performing automatic aerial triangulation.

Source image conversion to PHOTOMOD MS-TIFF format is recommended for fast redrawing at any zoom level. Nevertheless, it is possible to work directly with source image files without conversion. If this direct mode of operation is chosen, pyramid levels will be build in separate files and the source file will not be changed. Note that this may slow some processes. The unique MegaTIFF format is used for images over 4 gigabytes. 16 bit images usually require radiometric correction using PHOTOMOD Raster Converter software

Also see PHOTOMOD resource system
Also see Source image formats

Coordinate system related information
PHOTOMOD includes a comprehensive database of coordinate systems and map projections. Simply select the appropriate one(s) during project creation. New coordinate systems may also be created and existing ones edited.

External data

External datasets may be imported: :

  • Triangulation points measurments (PAT-B and X-Points formats)
  • Ground control point coordinates (TXT, CSV formats)
  • Interior and exterior orientation parameters from UltraCam metadata
  • Exterior orientation parameters (PAT-B and CSV formats)
  • Projection center coordinates (TXT, CSV formats)

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