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PHOTOMOD resource system

PHOTOMOD has a unique data (resource) storage system

The Resource system implemented in the PHOTOMOD system focuses primarily on the cooperative processing of data using a network configuration. Though data is arbitrarily arranged in the network, access to all data related to a particular project group is conveniently provided without cumbersome network file operations. Still, the resource system is flexible and open, allowing optimal data placement for specific tasks.

Key concepts of the PHOTOMOD resource system:

  • Profile is an independent group of resources related to one project or project group.

    Profile defines the resource configuration. Profile has a virtual name and does not correspond to the actual file system. The Profile name is the root of the resource tree, and all the branches of profile resources are attached to it.

  • Virtual folders  — are the branches of the resource tree. All branches in the upper level of tree resources are virtual folders. Virtual folders are the virtual names for a real network of local folders (drives) or groups of folders allocated by the user for profile resources. Thus, one Profile can utilize the disk space of several computers. Using virtual folders, two types of resources can be connected to the tree−regular file system folders and storage folders. Storage folders are a special type of virtual folder. Resources are automatically placed in storage folders by the system on the basis of free space analysis. Thus, storage folders allow optimization of multiple disk usage for storage resources, which is advantageous when network processing large projects.
  • Resources

    The Profile resource system includes all subfolders and files (except *.meta files) from each regular folder/drive for which a virtual folder has been specified. *.meta files contain metadata and are not resources.

There are two types of profiles: local and network profiles. A local profile is accessible only from the workstation where stored. A network profile is accessible on multiple workstations to provide cooperative processing of a project.

Only one (active) profile is accessible in a PHOTOMOD session. Any accessible network or local profile can be selected to become active.

The Control Panel program is used to create and manage profiles. The Control Panel window is used to create and edit profiles, connect virtual profile folders, create/connect a repository of network profiles, select an active profile, etc. The Explorer program is used to view active profile resources and is capable of some editing tasks.

Sample network profile resource structure:

Network profile resource structure in Control Panel

Meridian — virtual name of the network profile with the following resource structure:

    Virtual folders:
  • Virtual folder Projects — virtual name of the folder on server used for project location;
  • Virtual folder Images — virtual name of the group of storage (physical folders located on different servers) for automatic image file distribution;
  • Virtual folder Additional — virtual folder name on local drive D for saving auxiliary data;
  • Virtual folder Test — virtual name of local folder for saving image samples.

Explorer shows following recourse tree for created profile:

Resources tree of network profile in Explorer

The virtual folder Projects contains projects for the PHOTOMOD system. Projects are stored in folders with a pre-defined structure for keeping different project files — configuration files, coordinate system files, camera data, block processing related files and so on. Several project folders can be attached. When working with large datasets, using groups of storage folders is preferable.

The virtual folder Images contains raster files. Physically, those files are located in network folders on three servers. However, owing to the storage structure, they appear as a single very large folder. Raster files are automatically distributed between physical folders, based on available disk space.

Any “manual” access to storage folders using OS tools is strictly prohibited. In the event of storage corruption, Control Panel runs a special restoration program.

Advantages of PHOTOMOD resource system:

  • Open, flexible and easy to use. Resource system can be organized for specific tasks;
  • Locates project on several machines or hardrives;
  • Automatically manages data distribution through storage concept;
  • Efficient use of disk space. Drives with more space are filled first;
  • Facilitates cooperative work by allowing all operators to view all project-related folders.

PHOTOMOD System includes many other useful capabilities for working with large photogrammetric datasets.

The Racurs production department would enjoy the opportunity to share our experience in the data organization of really large photogrammetric projects.

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