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Sea waves analysis software tool

Sea waves analysis software tool is intend for automatic generation of estimates of spatial period, direction of propagation and height of large energy carrying waves over radar images of sea surface.

Input data for sea waves analysis software tool are georeferenced images presented in projection path line — ground range.

At the first stage the software generates periodogram of sea surface via fast Fourie transform procedure and then calculates statistically stable estimations of derived spectrum. In order to suppression of sidelobes level and increasing of spectrum estimations smoothness the dedicated weighting functions and spatial filtering are used. Based on analysis of sea waves parameters software has ability to create the map of spatial distribution of near-water wind under hypothese that the spectrum of developed sea waves is described by Pierson-Moskowitz distribution. In practice this condition is satisfied if the wind blew steadily for a long time over a large area and the waves come into equilibrium with the wind. In this case the wave structure must be seen clearly on radar image that is necessary condition for qualitative processing.

The result of software operation is the set of raster maps which outline the distribution of wave spatial period and propagation direction, heights of waves, and velocity of near-water wind.

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