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Software tool of coherent co-registration of SAR images

The software tool of coherent co-registration of SAR images has main task to provide the possibility for user to generate the set of images matched mutually with subpixel accuracy. The matching is performed on base of pixel’s phase values analysis. It means that the input images for processing should have complex format and be acquired under conditions of interferometric imagery.

Software tool realize both full automatic co-registration and matching in interactive mode with use of ground tie points which are set by operator. In the result of matching each pixel gets the set of complex values which number is equal to number of images into input set. This set of complex values is used in following for performing of iterative classification process under K-mean approach and for deriving of some statistical characteristics, likes of mean amplitude value over whole set.

Amplitude averaging, as it well known, allows to reduce noise dispersion and to improve radiometric resolution without spatial resolution degradation. The result of software tool operating is the matched with subpixel accuracy set of images, raster layer of averaged over set amplitudes, and raster layer containing the results of classification — surface types, which are coded by colors.

Procedure of classification could be adjusted by user via tuning of parameters outlined on the software interface.

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