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Quality estimation software tools

Software tools of image quality estimation allow to analysing the number of radar image properties under some of standard parameters inherent specifically to this type of sensor.

Performed estimation allows to make conclusion on adequacy of real parameters to ones declared in product specifications and to get understanding on applicability of data to following utilization. The set of software tools includes instruments for radar pulse response analysis, spatial accuracy and geometric properties of images, radiometric characteristics, and statistic properties.

Among of estimated parameters there are spatial resolution along range and azimuth direction, antenna pattern sidelobe level, relative radiometric error, absolute and relative geometric distortions, geolocation accuracy an so on. The process of estimation is performed interactively. It is required for user to select the area interested for anylysis or to set the tie points on image.

In following the software performs all required calculations with use of auxiliary data extracted from image attached tags. As input data for analysis execution the radar images presented in specified SAR systems standard formats should be applied. Product types of path projection are required. The outputs of software operations are some text reports which could be outlined in interface window, saved into external file, and printed.

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