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Spaceborne imagery

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National enterprises of State Cadastral Survey "Vostsibzemcadastrsyomka" (Irkutsk), "Sibzemcadastrsyomka" (Omsk) , JSC "Cadastrsyomka" (Irkutsk), "Alans" Ltd. and JSC "Racurs" have been implementing a range of works creating cadastral documents for power industry infrastructure.

The procedure consisted of:

 Preparation of technical documentation meeting certain requirements (registration certificate) on the real estate objects, including features of the objects;

 Preparation of technical documentation on lands;

 Preparation of land ownership documents, and registering lands in state cadastre.

These stages provide for obtaining exhaustive data for registering property rights on the property complex.

Both remote sensing and ground survey were used for the works.

Block adjustment of strips of images
and vectorization of power lines..
6000 images
Source scale 1:15000
Camera RC-30
Focal length: 153 мм

Using of remote sensing data permits performing the work in the shortest possible time and on-line obtaining exhaustive data of energy network current state, makes the land-surveying projects planning and carrying out easier and excludes the executive errors, appearing in traditional methods of work.
Fragment of orthophoto with indication of tangent towers and conservation zone around the power lines.

The works were maximally automated using up-to-date software - PHOTOMOD, Map 2000, Credo, TGO. All technical documents were obtained simultaneously. Unified database of energy network objects has been created.

Land survey, certification and inventory of power lines of JSC "Irkutskenergo" (ca. 9800 km) and JSC “Komienergo” (ca. 2000 km) have been continued.

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