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International Scientific and Technical Conference

11 International Scientific and Technical Conference "From imagery to map: digital photogrammetric technologies"
September 19–22, 2011, Tossa de Mar, Spain

It's our great pleasure to invite you to the 11th International Scientific and Technical Conference “From imagery to map: digital photogrammetric technologies”.

The conference will be held September 19-22 in Spain.

Conference organizer: Racurs (Russia)

Over the past years the conference has become noticeable event at the GIS market and has obtained the recognition worldwide. Offering an enlightening combination of assemblies, seminars, workshops and group meetings to explore state-of-the-art photogrammetric and remote sensing technologies, this year's special jubilee conference affords the perfect venue for broadening one's knowledge of the field through discussions and the sharing of experience.

The latest news in digital airborne and space cameras, remote sensing data, innovations in software development, and practical methods for using digital photogrammetry and remote sensing for different economic activities and integrated geoinformatic solutions will be on tap at September's Conference.

Top specialists and chiefs of Russia's state agencies of land cadastre and cartography, as well as the country's oil and gas enterprises, will be participating in the Conference alongside representatives from photogrammetric, GIS and remote sensing companies of other nations.

The range of participants has increased each of the nine years the Conference has been held. Permanent participants in the conference include representatives of the FSUE Goszemcadastrysiomka - VISHAGI (Russia); the Federal Service for Government Registration, Cadastre, Cartography (Russia); NP AGP Meridian + (Russia); VNIIGAZ (Russia); JSC Surgutneftegas (Russia); EUROSENSE; Leica Geosystems (Switzerland); Spot Image (France); MapWorld Technologies Limited (India); GEODIS (Czech Republic); GeoEye (USA) and many others. (the list of participants in 2010).

At the annual conferences between the years 2007-2010, recognized authorities in their areas, such as Prof. Gordon Petrie (UK), Prof. Gottfried Konecny (Germany), Prof. Franz Leberl (Austria) and Prof. Armin Gruen (Switzerland), presented reports on topical developments in photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Conference Topics

  • Digital photogrammetry
    • Current state and main lines of development.
    • Technologies and facilities for remote sensing data processing. Modern software solutions.
    • Discussion of digital photogrammetric technologies best practices with a focus on PHOTOMOD software.
  • Remote sensing methods and techniques
    • Market review of advanced survey systems.
    • Modern digital aerial cameras. Direct georeferencing methods, airborne GPS/IMU.
    • Acquisition and applications of satellite imagery.
    • Technological features of Synthetic Aperture Radar Survey.

Within the frame of Conference the master-classes on PHOTOMOD 5 will be held.

You can take pleasure in the beautiful nature, various type of architecture monuments, the cleanest sea and, certainly, you will have a fine opportunity to share the successes in the field of geoinformatics, photogrammetry and remote sensing data, to find new clients and partners or to strengthen successful business relations. Business and pleasure are easily combined in places like Tossa de Mar!

We invite our partners, sponsors, friends and all comers to take part in the conference!

More information is available on the official site of the Conference

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