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PHOTOMOD Lite 2012

Results of the project contest implemented using PHOTOMOD Lite

In February 2009 Racurs company released free software product — PHOTOMOD Lite. Since then the number of authorized users has been rising steadily and now it approaches towards 1500. Not only organizations, but also private persons show interest in PHOTOMOD Lite. Most of them are foreign users.

PHOTOMOD Lite is one of the few in the world free DPS that has limitations only in the number of images, vector objects etc. Thereby this software product allows to execute small photogrammetric projects with user data. Lite version found a wide application both in research and educational processes. Many Russian and foreign educational institutes use Lite for learning tasks solving.

In spring 2012 Racurs Company announced a photogrammetric production projects contest among the Russian and foreign users of PHOTOMOD Lite, in order to share experiences in Lite usage for education and for User’s test projects.

Users from 9 countries (Russia, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Portugal) have submitted their projects to the contest.

    There are two nominations:
  • Education with PHOTOMOD Lite;
  • User’s PHOTOMOD Lite test projects.
The results of the contest was announced at the 12th International Scientific and Technical Conference “From imagery to map: digital photogrammetric technologies”.

Nomination: Education with PHOTOMOD Lite

Greece. Laboratory of Photogrammetry, School of Rural and Surveying Engineer, National Technical University of Athens.
Project: Education with PHOTOMOD Lite.

The Laboratory of Photogrammetry and the staff employed in it are part of the Department of Topography of the School of Rural & Surveying Engineers of the National Technical University of Athens. Photogrammetry in the Greek Universities is only lectured in the School of RSE of the NTUA and of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. NTUA's Laboratory of Photogrammetry assignment is, to fully educate and train the students on Photogrammetric issues, encouraging also relative research. At the same time, the Laboratory's infrastructure is constantly updated and improved, in order to serve its objectives in the above mentioned sectors.
Research in the Laboratory of Photogrammetry, is carried out by the staff of the Department of Topography relative to the thematic area of Photogrammetry. It consists of research projects funded by various sources, of independent scientific research and of PhD Theses supervision and elaboration. The results of all that research activity, is presented in the publications of the members of the Laboratory. The Laboratory of Photogrammetry is aiming to "produce" new knowledge and to educate new theoretical and practical Photogrammetry researchers, through basic and applied research procedures. More specific, research issues are digital cartography and automations, measurements on simple images, large scale surveying, G.I.S. applications, etc.
Read and download


Portugal. University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy.
Project: Campus UL : Elaboration of a map sheet in scale 1:10 000 of the Campus of the University of Lisbon according to the official norms of the Portuguese Authority for Cartography.
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Kazakhstan. Vladimir Smirnov. Project: Training course in PHOTOMOD photogrammetric software.

Russia. The Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin (UrFU). Project: Laboratory practicum in digital photogrammetry using PHOTOMOD Lite.

Third prize entry

Argentina. National University of San Juan. Prof. Carlos Lizana. Project: Utilización de PHOTOMOD como estación fotogramétrica digital (DPS).
 Download a full description of the project (on Spain, PDF, 7 MB)

Latvia. Latvian University Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences. Project: Education with PHOTOMOD Lite.
 Download a full description of the project (PDF, 1,5 MB)

Nomination: User’s PHOTOMOD Lite test projects


Spain. Author: Francisco Bascon Arroyo.
Project: City of Badajoz (Spain) at years 1945 and 1956

This work is about two historic photogrammetric flights in Badajoz city (Spain). These flights were completed by the USAF in the 1940´s and the 1950´s. They are the oldest complete photogrammetric coverage from the spanish territory and other european countries too.
The first flight was in 1945-46. Using the Fairchild K-17 reconnaissance camera with 9 x 9 size and 6” EFL. Scale 1:43000. Ground control points (GCP) taken from current vector maps at 1:5000 and 1:10000 scale. The images are provided by CECAF at 1200 dpi and 8 bits using ZEISS Photoscan TD.
The second flight was in 1956. Using the Fairchild T-11 mapping or photogrammetric camera with 9 x 9 size and 6” CFL. Scale 1:30000. Ground control and images data are the same from the before 1940´s flight.
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Belorussia. Belorussia State University. Author: Alexandra S. Skachkova. Project: DTM creation on the base of a photospectrum system.

Third prize entry

Bulgaria. Author: Irina Karakoleva. Project: Classification of ortophoto images obtained using data from aerial digital images.

Russia. Siberian State Geodesy Academy. Project: Creation of digital orthoplans from UAV images.

Latvia. Latvain Geospatial information agency. Project: UAV Project using Photomod 5 Lite version for topographic map creation.
 Download a full description of the project (PDF, 1 MB)

We are thankful for all participants for the high quality projects and invite all to take part at the next year Contest.

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