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Starting from a 4-person company in 1993, Racurs has grown to become a recognized leader in the geoinformation market.

Today, Racurs comprises more than 50 specialists in photogrammetry, remote sensing and software development.

Racurs staff is a close-knit team of professionals that has many times proven its apability to solve the most sophisticated problems.

Managing Director
Dr. Victor Adrov

“The ambitiousness of our plans and the high qualifications of our personnel underpin the company's business development”

Commercial Director
Alexander Chekurin

“We consider every sale of our products or services as the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial co-operation between us and our customer”

Scientific Director
Dr. Andrey Sechin

“Our software developers are not coders; they are firstly scientists and mathematicians. This makes PHOTOMOD one of the best DPW in the world”

Technical Director
Alexander Smirnov

“...the main thing — everything is functioning”

Head of the Production Department
Nadezhda Maliavina

“Our staff has extensive photogrammetric background and is capable of accomplishing tasks ranging from small area vectorization to projects covering huge regions. We work for our customers and are always considerate of their opinions”

Head of the Technical Support Department
Dmitry Kochergin

“The technical support group is a strong bridge between our customers' wishes and the efforts of our developers. We are happy to raise its give and take capacities higher and higher!”

Head of Software Development Department
Vladimir G. Novoselov

“Developing of a competitive photogrammetric software requires not only a deep knowledge in the field of programming, but also a serious scientific background. Therefore, we pay great attention to the comprehensive education of our employees”

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