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Cloud technologies are getting more and more popular. This popularity is based primarily on convenience and commercial advantage. Cloud technologies allow cost savings and increase profit. The savings of using cloud technologies in photogrammetry depend on the cloud storage and cloud computing prices. Another savings possibility in photogrammetric cloud processing can be based on the different price of satellite images when the user does not physically downloads them to his computer and processes them in the cloud.

GeoCloud (Israel) provides a solution on a Software-as-a-Service basis through the GeoCloud Shop platform. GeoCloud is an Amazon cloud based platform for geoinformation technologies provides pay-per-use model for working with worldwide software and data and scalable computer systems.

The list of available softwares: DPW PHOTOMOD, PHOTOMOD UAS, PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic, PHOTOMOD Radar, PHOTOMOD Radar Viewer, and PHOTOMOD Lite.

CloudEO (Germany) marketplace is one-stop shop for ready-to-use GeoServices, images, software and GeoIT. CloudEO partners with world-leading content and software providers to offer its customers and partners a cloud-based GeoMarketplace, where data, software and processing power come together.

The list of available softwares: DPW PHOTOMOD, PHOTOMOD Radar. Special offer for academia.
Remote sensing data: KOMPSAT, SPOT 6/7, Pleiades, Deimos, TerraSAR-X.

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