International Scientific and Technical Conference "From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies"
September 15–18, 2008, Porec, Croatia

Photos from the Conference


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Session 15.09.2008

Session 16.09.2008

Session 17.09.2008

Master-class 17.09.2008

Business meetings

Plava Laguna

13.09.2008. Sheremetyevo

14.09.2008. Excursion to Porec

15.09.2008. Dinner at the sail boat

16.09.2008. Sport competitions

17.09.2008. Gala dinner

18.09.2008. Excursion to Pula

18.09.2008. Excursion to the Lim Canal

18.09.2008. Excursion to Rovinj

Other excursions

19.09.2008. Departure from Plava Laguna


Racurs company thanks conference participants for sharing photos:

  • Anna Alyab'eva;
  • Mehdi Boroumand;
  • Marina Breke;
  • Filippo Campolo;
  • Tatiana Chernenkova;
  • Oxana Kolomyychenko;
  • Andrey Likhobabin;
  • Vanya Petrova;
  • Yuri Raizman;
  • Yana Razumova;
  • Peter Schreiber;
  • Roman Shuvalov;
  • Nataliya Vorobyeva;
  • Yannis Yanniris.