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September 20–23, 2010, Gaeta, Italy

Conference Review

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The Xth International Scientific and Technical Conference «From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies» is successfully completed. This year the Conference was held in Italy at the one of the most picturesque Italian resorts of Odyssey coast in the SUMMIT hotel near the Gaeta town, which is located 100 km away from Naples and 120 km from Rome. Impressing scenery and fresh sea breeze has created homely atmosphere and excellent conditions for the productive work.

The Conference organizer was Racurs Co., (Moscow, Russia) supported by:

This year NP AGP «Meridian+» (Russia) came out as the general sponsor to the Conference.

Official sponsors to support the Conference were:

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Information support was provided by the leading commercial media in Russia and other countries:

The Conference was attended by representatives of the leading GIS media  — GIM International and Geoinformatics.

The conference provided ample opportunities for discussion, learning and sharing experience in the field of digital photogrammetric technology and remote sensing. The conference was attended by over 100 managers and specialists from industrial enterprises and academic institutions from 19 countries who are using the RS data and photogrammetric processing in their daily practice.


The Conference format traditionally included plenary sessions, business meetings, seminars, as well as "open collar" part.

Representatives from 9 countries delivered their reports at the Conference, while total number of reports amounted to 34.

Conference was opened by Victor N.Adrov, Managing Director of the Racurs company, who welcomed the participants in Russian, English and Italian.

The mayor of Gaeta  — Mr.Sindaco Antonio Raimondi and chief editor of the Italian magazine «GEOmedia», professor of topography of the University of Rome  — Renzo Carlucci also gave speech of welcome continuing the opening of the Conference.


First set of reports, devoted to regional and corporate projects and general issues of cartography and photogrammetry, united the representatives of Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Bulgaria. The reports by Renzo Carlucci on spatial data infrastructure in Italy, Prof. A.Gruen (Institute of Conservation and Building Research, Switzerland) on 3D/4D modeling of cities and the overview report by Prof. G.Konecny (University of Hannover, Germany) on the centennial history of ISPRS and the history of research in the field of Geoinformatics, from Leonardo da Vinci to the present day, attracted the interest among the most of the audience. Professor A.Mikhailov (MIIGAiK, Russia) touched upon actual issues of the photogrammetry training for specialists in Russian universities.

Dr. Adrov's speech, devoted to the 10-th anniversary of the Racurs Conferences, should be specially noticed. In particular, he said, «In 2001, when the 1st PHOTOMOD user conference was being arranged in Irkutsk, we could foresee that the event will become permanent, that it will evolve to a major international conference on the photogrammetry market, uniting professionals nearly from all continents... The conference was from the very beginning intended as an international event, as in 2001 PHOTOMOD was already used in many countries of the world. It was our sincere wish to help breaking down the ‘iron curtain’ and get Russian professionals involved to the global geomatics industry. Now, as these 10 years are gone, I think we have achieved some success. Professionals from over 20 countries take part in our conferences every year. Exchanging the ideas and technical solutions is very intense; new business acquaintances are established, as well as friendly relationships... Our conference is 10 years old. It is ONLY ten years old, and I hope it will continue to develop, along with our filed of activity. And the conference is ALREADY ten years old, as traditions have been established, world acknowledgement emerged, and followers appeared, whose number will surely grow, as we go on».

The second set of reports was devoted to digital cameras and equipment for aerial surveying. Delegates from Israel and Switzerland presented reports on new features and development of airborne sensors by VisionMap and Leica Geosystems. A.Gruen (Institute of Conservation and Building Research, Switzerland) and V.Zakharov (NPI «Zeminform», Russia) told about aerial surveying using unmanned vehicles.

The third block of reports of the first day of the Conference was devoted to the digital photogrammetric systems. Experts of Racurs company spoke on the new features of PHOTOMOD DPS, including new module for building dense terrain models, module for creating contours of mapping quality, about effective methods of working with the software system. Representative of Israel  — Y.Raizman told about the creation of quasi-panoramic images from the VisionMap camera and their stereo processing in PHOTOMOD DPS.


The second day began with the reports about processing of aerial data, which were presented by the representatives of Italy, Greece and Russia. We would like to note the report of L.Bykov (Omsk, VISHAGI) on a complex project of building topographic plans of Omsk of 1:500 scale. Data from both aerial photography and laser scanning were used to build these plans. PHOTOMOD DPS (including new module for building contours), as well as Intergraph system and software modules of their own design, were used for processing.

The next large set of reports was devoted to Earth imaging from space. A.Shumakov (USA) spoke about the new services being introduced by GeoEye. Pawel Ziemba (DigitalGlobe, UK) and Felix Puls (European Space Imaging, Germany) spoke about the peculiarities of using 8-channel data from the WorldView-2 satellite.


Report of V.P.Sedelnikov  — General Director of FGUP State Center «Priroda» was devoted to the development of future topographic space remote sensing system in Russia. Representatives of ScanEx, Sovzond and KB «Panorama» Russian companies focused their presentations on the usage of remote sensing data in various regional projects, talked about different approaches to space monitoring and experience of creating geoportals using the satellite data.

I.V.Elizavetin and R.I.Shuvalov, who were representing the Racurs company, told about processing of data from radar satellites  — about certain types of distortions in these images and about the new features of PHOTOMOD Radar package.

The last set of reports, presented by representatives of Russia and Bulgaria, was devoted to processing of space remote sensing data. Most interest and discussion was caused by the report by O.A.Korchagina («Volga region kadastr», Russia) about the results of three-dimensional modeling of cities for research of radio signals transmission. The modeling was performed in PHOTOMOD system based on stereo pairs obtained from GeoEye-1, WorldView-1 and Kompsat-2 satellites.


The third day was traditionally devoted to master classes and numerous business meetings. New features of PHOTOMOD system in automation of processes of photogrammetric processing were demonstrated at the master class. Particular attention was paid to the new algorithm of DTM creation followed by filtration according to "scenarios", which depend on the type of terrain. In addition, the features of image loading and storing data in version 5.0 as well as settings of distributed processing during the processing with large projects in the local network were discussed. One of the master classes was focused on new features of the PHOTOMOD Radar system, intended for remote sensing data processing, obtained by radar with synthetic aperture antenna (SAR).


During the break between the master-classes Prof. A.Gruen (Switzerland) made a presentation about 3D modeling of Pompeii using air photos, terrestrial laser scanner data and close-range digital images. It took ten days to collect the data and one year to process it.

Along with the busy commercial program, the guests had an interesting cultural one. The conference participants could learn a lot about Italian traditions and culture during tours to Rome, Vatican, Naples and Pompeii.

The open-collar part of the conference traditionally included some sport competitions. On the sand beach the football games of international teams were played, as well as a relay involving sack-race, steeplechase and swimming on the surf. The dancing tournament was the climax of the sport evening.

The third day of the conference ended with a gala dinner on the open air in Aenea's Landing restaurant, which captivated the visitors by its vast territory and fantastic views. The rich musical program, which included an address by the Italian musical groups and dance folklore show, was organized for the participants. Mayor of Gaeta was particularly impressing, playing the role of the soloist of the group and gladdened the participants by professional singing of Italian songs.

The main event of the evening was the traditional lottery with raffle of 2 versions of PHOTOMOD system. This year, lucky were two companies: LTD Livland (Latvia) and NIITP (Russia). Sponsors of the conference, as well as honorary members of the conference were solemnly awarded with diplomas and gifts during the gala dinner.

We thank all our partners and colleagues for their participation in the Xth Anniversary International Scientific Conference «From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies» and look forward to next time!

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