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The conclusion of the License agreement with ORBIMAGE, Inc., has allowed Racurs company to initiate activities on support of OrbView-3 data by PHOTOMOD. The current version PHOTOMOD 3.7 is capable of orthorectifying and orthomosaicing single (adjusted separately) OrbView-3 images as well as blocks consisting of multiple OrbView-3, IKONOS and QuickBird images. PHOTOMOD 3.7 implements RPC (Rapid Positioning Capability) approach to the OrbView-3 images orientation; RPCs are included along with the OrbView-3 images into OrbView BASIC Express and OrbView BASIC Enhanced imagery products. In the context of output orthoimagery accuracy, OrbView BASIC Enhanced product is preferable. PHOTOMOD 3.7 tests were performed using OrbView BASIC Enhanced data received from ORBIMAGE; subpixel-level accuracy of adjustment (in terms of root mean square error) was achieved during the tests.

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