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New features in PHOTOMOD version 4.2


  • Support for ADS40 imagery (import of adjusted project from GPro+Orima software for further processing) *

Satellite scanner imagery

  • Set of automatic and manual tools for radiometric correction of images (Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Color Balancing, etc.)
  • Cartosat 1, Formosat 2 imagery processing
  • Export of RPC coefficients corrected during adjustment

PHOTOMOD Montage Desktop

  • New tabular block editor (block scheme) with improved user interface
  • Coordinate system transformation at DEM export/import


  • Display of tie points of different types using different colors
  • Selection of group of points for deletion directly on the image
  • New set of hot keys in stereo comparator window
  • New set of hot keys in windows for measuring points on "all" images
  • Automatic selection of adjacent images for measuring points on "all" images
  • Show point on map considering marker location on the image (during referencing the image to vector or raster map)


  • Improved control of automatic tie points measurement (filtering by relative orientation parameters and considering points distribution in zones)
  • Extended report on automatic tie points measurement


  • Faster adjustment of big blocks (containing more than 1000 images)
  • Improved interface for points selection based on different criteria


  • Contour lines verifying by set of control points
  • Building DEM from 3D points
  • Building DEM from contours
  • DEM smoothing when using it for building contours
  • Creation of pickets arranged in nodes of regular grid from (irregular) TIN
  • Rotation of initial regular grid used for pathway mode
  • TIN control by "master" pickets set
  • DEM control by GCP


  • Support of hand wheels/foot pedals (EOMZ (Russia) and "Delta" (Ukraine), as well as any Immersion compatible) for stereo vectorization
  • Heights interpolation between selected vertices of polylines and polygons
  • Import of curves from DXF file and their conversion into polylines by interpolation
  • Support of labels import/export into MIF/MID and DGN formats
  • Operator's personal difference measuring and compensation


  • Significant speed up when loading large projects
  • Creating of marginalia according to MapInfo and MicroStation standards for 1:2,000 and 1:10,000 map scales
  • Rotation of output raster at mosaic building
  • Option of pyramid creation for output mosaic


  • Improving of color image spatial resolution using black-and-white image ("Pan-sharpening")
  • Creating of marginalia for 1:2,000 and 1:10,000 map scales in MapInfo and MicroStation formats

* Full testing of ADS40 imagery processing has not been completed yet

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