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New certified users of PHOTOMOD system in Portugal.

The specialists of SigmaGEO are now among the certified users of PHOTOMOD system.

SigmaGEO is a Portuguese Company which operates in Geographic Engineering area. The company performs its work mainly in Surveying, Mapping and Cadaster projects. SigmaGEO also provides services in areas like Consulting, Technical Support, Advice and in the creation and customized software related to core business (SigmaSoftware).

In 2008 Racurs concluded a distributor agreement with the SigmaGEO. According to this agreement SigmaGEO becomes authorized distributor in the Portugal, Angola, Cape Green, S. Tome and Principe, Mozambique.

For a week the specialists of SigmaGEO were taking a basic course on the newer version of PHOTOMOD system (version 5.1) at the RACURS Training Center.

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