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Photogrammetry is out of the Greece crisis

Despite of the difficult economic situation in Greece, photogrammetry still has strong position as an important technology in economic sector. During the last two years about 300 students and 50 professionals in Greece have been educated how to use DPW PHOTOMOD.

The last seminar on PHOTOMOD was successfully held in the city of Lamia. The seminar was attended by 16 people, all engineers and one forest specialist. Initially 30 applications for attending the seminar were received and it was decided to devide participants into 2 groups. The second group will attend the seminar in January 2013.

The seminar was conducted by Certified Trainer and Racurs partner in Greece — Professor Yannis Yanniris and it covered all stages of photogrammetric processing: from project creation to output products. Lite version was chosen to explore the capabilities of the PHOTOMOD system.

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