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Racurs announces that PHOTOMOD has passed main tests performed by Space Imaging (CO, USA) to receive the certification for RPC Block Adjustment. PHOTOMOD version 3.6 allows to load, display, read coordinates and RPC-adjust IKONOS stereo models with or without ground control, as well as extract DEM and 3D features, orthorectify Geo OrthoKit IKONOS satellite imagery.

Space Imaging’s acceptance criteria include comparison of results obtained by the Space Imaging ground station and the software under test, PHOTOMOD 3.6. To make allowance for the operator’s ability to read points on images, variance within ±1 pixel (±1 meter) is generally acceptable. In the performed tests the average difference along all three coordinate axes was 0.5 meters or better, i.e. in good agreement with the requirements. Thus, PHOTOMOD has become the first non-North-American-owned photogrammetric software that can be recommended for processing IKONOS imagery.

See also www.spaceimaging.com.

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