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New features in PHOTOMOD version 3.7

Print version (PDF, 1.1MB)


  • Further speed-up in the processing of big amounts of data
  • Epipolar transformation "on-the-fly"
  • Data access optimization
  • Loading of different types of vector data and DEMs in Montage Desktop, DTM, StereoDraw or StereoVectOr without the necessity of project loading or creation
  • Enhanced smooth roam mode
  • Search and delete images not used by any projects

Satellite scanner imagery processing

  • Processing of mono blocks of images supplied with RPC data (IKONOS, QuickBird и OrbView)
  • Processing of SPOT 5 images (HRG and HRS sensors)
  • Displaying detailed sensor information in the process of images input

PHOTOMOD Montage Desktop

  • New flexible options for project copy/backup creation
  • Individual image selection for project backup
  • Block forming: option of deleting group of images from a strip
  • Camera editor: option of entering distortion values in pixels (camera parameters)
  • Smoother work with large projects


  • Displaying triplet errors and vertical parallax values while editing points on "all" images at the same time
  • Adding points simultaneously on "all" images
  • Sorting table of triplet errors by error values


  • Displaying point errors in the image coordinate system


  • Automatic switching between stereopairs during block-wide TIN and contour lines control operations
  • Direct input of the grid origin coordinates for DTM creation


  • Streamline mode optimization
  • Automatic switching between stereopairs during checking topology of block-wide 3D vector objects
  • Displaying object labels including coordinate values and attributes
  • Optional code table creation when importing vectors from popular formats
  • Full export of layers and colors to DXF and DGN formats
  • Flexible managing of layers visibility
  • Additional parameters of topology control
  • AutoCAD color palette (along with the standard Windows palette) for object color selection
  • Option of saving and exporting only visible objects
  • Fast Z marker movement option
  • Export of the code table to PHOTOMOD VectOr (the classifier creation)
  • Automatic loading of the preregions


  • Automatic switching between stereopairs on object selection in the map window
  • Undo operation


  • Export of georeferenced orthomosaics to DGN format
  • Import of cutlines from Shape and DXF formats using DBF tables to assign cutlines to images
  • Orthorectification of individual project images
  • Support of the ArcWorld georeference file (.jpw) for saving mosaic to JPEG format

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